Rachel Berghash


Additional Publications

Essays Published by Rachel Berghash and Katherine Jillson

Journal of Religion and Health -
“Thoughts on Psyche, Soul and Spirit”
“Millarepa and Demons: Aids to Spiritual Growth”

Tikkun - On Line
“The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict - A New Beginning”

Miranda - On Line
“Subtleties of the Spirit”

Eretz Acheret - (in Hebrew)
“The Dangers of Self Deception to Our Essential Existence”

Essays Published by Rachel Berghash (In Hebrew)

Hadoar -“Louis Simpson, An American Poet with a ‘Jewish Past.’”

Hadoar -“Edward Said and Meron Benvenisti: An Intellectual ‘Summit Conference’
about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.”

Hadoar -“Between Melanie Klein and Rabbi Menachem Schneerson.”

Poems Published in the Following Magazines

Anima, “The Visit,” “First Love” (under the title “Lag B’omer Festivities”), “The Feast of Tabernacles and the Medicine Man,” “In the Hospital After Giving Birth,” “Maternal Weeds.” Bitterroot, “First Kiss.” Blue Unicorn, “Woman in the Sun.” Chicago Review, “A Small Man Is Greater Than a Starry Dome.” Images, “Innocence. ” Israel Horizon, “Jericho.” Jewish Frontier, “Sanhedrin Caves in Jerusalem.” Poetpourri, “Jealousy.” Pulp, “Conception;” “Beach in Scotland.” Ruah, “Hermitage and City.” West Wind Review, The Sixteenth Anthology, “Carob Pods.” Psychoanalytical Perspectives, “Like the Salt of the Earth,” "The Smile." Christianity and Literature, “Natan Birenbaum Street in Jerusalem.” The Comstock Review, “The Cantor in Yom Kippur,” nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Bridges, “Wounded Tree,” “The Goat, 1945,” “Absalom’s Pillar.”Jewish Currents, "The Good Garden," "Summer in Maine," "I Am Well Again," "Street Life." Living Moments, an anthology published by Karnac, UK. "Heaven Moment," "Like the Salt of the Earth." Forward, "Neighbors," "The Great Dying," "Soldiers," "Gaza," "Untitled," "Rockets Falling."

Translations of Poetry

Translations of Louis Simpson’s poems into Hebrew appeared in Moznaim.
Translations of Hebrew poems by Zelda, Avner Treinin, Pinchas Sadeh, and Gabriel Preil, appeared in Pulp and Colorado Review.

Other Publications

Portions of my memoir with a different title and different versions were published in Crab Orchard Review, WBAI Newsletter, and Hadoar.

Bridges, “Two Memoirs After Seven Decades,” Conversation with Helène Aylon